CCC offers employee training through one- or two-day workshops in three key areas of business communication.

CCC workshops include:

Dynamic Writing

Dynamic Writing teaches participants to write clear, results-driven communications. The workshop focuses on business and technical correspondence, with participants learning how to write memos, emails, briefing notes, letters, and documents in up to 40% less time. We’ll also look at the importance of tone and learn how to foster goodwill and collaboration through writing.

Dynamic Writing is highly recommended to all staff, supervisors, or managers who write reports, emails, letters, memos, briefing notes or planning documents.

All participants will learn how to write concise briefing notes that save executive time, and how to reduce the need for escalation of complaints. They will learn the exclusive “McKeown Method” for writing complex reports and proposals in 40% less time. This method results in more focused results and better audience acceptance. Participants will learn how to communicate in writing at a professional level.

Dynamic Listening

Dynamic Listening and Responding teaches simple and effective techniques for removing listening blocks and responding to clients in a listener-friendly manner. Participants will learn how to improve communication skills by moving from dogmatic, position-based resolutions to more genuine, interest-based resolutions.

Participants will learn how to listen more effectively, using specific time-tested techniques. By listening well, they will find that they earn greater management acceptance of their suggestions, and achieve a higher degree of harmony with their co-workers. Dynamic Listening and Responding is highly recommended to staff, senior officers, and managers who want to learn basic and advanced listening and responding communication techniques.

Dynamic Personality

Dynamic Personality Skills teaches a range of flexible, reliable communication skills participants can use to work successfully with a wide range of people. Our facilitators help each participant identify their individual personality type and learn how to work with other types that pose particular challenges.

This workshop is ideal for all staff, senior officers, and managers.

These workshops help employees and managers communicate effectively in the workplace.