Powerful Business Writing

Say What You Mean, Get What You Want, covers three key aspects of clear, professional communication, teaching readers the secrets of business writing in just two hours. It includes test sections and reviews, with answer keys provided at the conclusion of each section.

Writing Clearly, the first section, walks through the essential aspects of grammar and sentence structure and addresses the importance of bridging paragraphs in order to provide a transition for readers.

Understanding Your Reader, the following section, looks at the psychology behind language and illustrates how to use tone and word choice to convey an attitude of good will towards your reader.

Organizing Your Reports, the final section, takes readers inside the McKeown Method, a proven means of writing clear, expert communications that deliver results.

The Business of Communicating

The Business of Communicating teaches the core business skills of writing, listening, and speaking. Unlike a lot of similar publications, it also covers some of the less tangible skills of modern business communications, such as running meetings, managing time, and communicating electronically.

The Business of Communicating is highly recommended for any student of business communications.

Better Business Writing

Better Business Writing, a 24-lesson textbook covering all aspects of business writing, is a collaboration between co-writers Dr. Tom McKeown and Carol M. Cram, M.A., M.BA.

Better Business Writing takes you through the elements of clear, effective writing, from grammatical nuance and tone to writing ‘No’ letters, press releases, and reports. It teaches you how to eliminate common errors, use fewer words with greater impact, prepare dynamic letters for all business situations, and boost your success rate by promoting good will.

In order to help readers test their knowledge and improve their communication skills, Better Business Writing includes hundreds of practice exercises with answer keys.